Warmly Welcome Wěixīng Company to Visit Huida to Guide the Work

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Warmly welcome the leading enterprise in the pipeline industry, Weixing Company, to visit Huida to guide the work

On July 7th, we were full of great joy and excitement to welcome our distinguished guests, the leaders and friends of the delegation of Weixing Company. Our company Gu Binbin and Bao Xiaomei express their warmest welcome and sincere greetings to everyone on behalf of the Huida family!

Nature has created a majestic and magnificent earth with incomparable magic, and the rich history and humanities have accumulated the hospitality of Huida people, and Huida and Weixing resonate the pulse of enterprise development, enhance the development friendship of mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and continue to write a new chapter in the great practice of building a harmonious society.

Visit the whole workshop, the communication between leaders and leaders, sincere pair of handshakes, a kind smile, are all attention and support to our company, the affirmation of technical production and quality, but also the encouragement and spur of our Huida, enhance friendship, deepen cooperation of a good opportunity, hope that they put forward their insight, give each other valuable experience, so as to promote cooperation and exchanges between the two places, sustainable common development!

Wěixīng Company to Vsit Huida 1

Wěixīng Company to Vsit Huida 2

Wěixīng Company to Vsit Huida 3

Wěixīng Company to Vsit Huida 4

Wěixīng Company to Vsit Huida 5

Wěixīng Company to Vsit Huida 6                                    

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